Satellite Radar Image Processing for Vessel Detection
"Green" Lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Advanced Ka-band Satellite Communications for Sensor Networking
In-situ Optical and Thermal Imagers
Target Detection and Localisation
Data Correlation and Fusion
Control Centre GIS-based Front End

The Project

JASON aims at the R&D of a sophisticated integrated border security system for both sea and land border surveillance, by fusing data from spaceborne sensors such as EO SAR satellites, airborne sensors such as UAV, ship-borne sensors such as AIS (coastal and satellite), and ground-based sensors, such as optical and thermal imaging cameras, radar and sound sensors, etc.

Characteristic top-notch technologies to be extensively employed in JASON include: multi-sensor data fusion for target detection, tracking and identification; image processing and analysis for EO SAR imagery as well as for surveillance cameras installed on ground and onboard UAV; satellite and wireless sensor networking for M2M communications towards the “Internet of Things”; as well as novel smart mobile location-based applications for enhanced service availability anytime, anywhere based on advanced GNSS, GIS and 3G mobile technologies.

The project is co-funded by Greek and European Union funds (Ministry of Education - NSRF - Competitiveness Operational Programme)